Since the founding of the Hokushin Ittō-ryū Hyōhō in the Edo period the curriculum consists of the following parts:

-  Kenjutsu, (fighting techniques with katana and wakizashi)
-  Battōjutsu (sword drawing techniques with katana and wakizashi)
-  Naginatajutsu (fighting techniques with the glaive)
-  Jūjutsu (unarmed fighting techniques)
-  Gekkiken (traditional sparring with bōgu and Shinai)

In addition, the student will learn the philosophy of the school, certain breathing techniques as well as traditional japanese etiquette (Reigi). All techniques of the school are divided in Omote-waza (“open” techniques) and Ura-waza (secret techniques). Ura-waza will only be passed on to the best and most dedicated students.

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